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Enhancing the South Student Body by
supporting scholarships, enrichment,
and preservation programs



Thank you for submitting 
Scholarship Applications 
(the deadline has passed)  

Each year the Mothers’ Club designates a portion of its fundraising profits for financial need and merit scholarships to graduating seniors who plan to continue their education at a public/private college or vocational school.  In 2013, the Mothers’ Club awarded over $35,000 in scholarship money.  Awards ranged from $250 to $2,500.

The Mothers' Club Scholarship Application deadline is Monday, March 3, 2014 at 3:00 p.m.

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Award Recipients from the Class of 2013

Upcoming Events 

Mother's Club Meetings
Parent/Principal Coffee - March 12 6:00 PM
General Meeting - March 12 7:00 PM

Art Fest 
April 2-5 South Multipurpose Room

Spring Benefit
April 15, 2014 - 12:00 PM in the Grosse Pointe
South Gymnasium

All School Musical
May 1-4 The Will Rogers Follies (see below left)

Scholarship Night
May 21 GP South Auditorium


The Mothers’ Club of Grosse Pointe South High School Academic Enrichment Fund

The mission of the Mothers’ Club Enrichment Program is to financially support the academic curriculum of Grosse Pointe South High School staff with supplemental funding for programs deemed appropriate by the Executive Board and voted on by the General Membership.  This will include all academic departments at every grade level.

In 2012, the Mothers' Club contributed over 30,000 to classroom enrichment projects including purchasing Livescribe Smartpens, accessories for the Math Department, computer equipment for the Tower Newspaper, and a large format printer for the Tower Newspaper.  The Mothers' Club also funded clinicians for the Band and Orchestra and Choir as well as field trips for the Science Department.

A request for money may be generated by a staff member or co-sponsored by a staff member working with a community organization.   Simply complete your application, have it signed by your department head and submit it to Dr. Outlaw no later than Friday, February 14, 2014.  It will be presented to the Mothers’ Club Executive Board for consideration.  Feel free to attach additional information that will help explain the value to the students of the proposed activity, speaker or equipment.

Teachers who wish to submit Enrichment requests can click below for more information.